Christmas Without Christ” Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben Reeves

Lesson 1

The passage of Christmas is only for a short span of time. Most, believers and non-believers, glimpse this holiday as time for gifts, abundance of food and debt. A time to play with the spirits to excess. Often, this time of the year leads to, dyscontrol. It will enforce emotional abuse, creating a depressive disorder. Thought derailment can and does produce, an empty shadow within their own imagination. Truth is recognized, accepted and applied, but to the few. Those not accepting the truth, remain unwilling to remove the tattered veil or deception that blinds their eyes or encloses the heart. Unfortunately, the mind of mankind will become a prisoner to error, before it will acquire the courage to approach the truth. The cause of this is not hidden in some obscure form, unperceptable to others. Those that chose to remain in error, have miserably tame performances that will become pale and overshadowed. It becomes an open display resulting from internal causes. These outward displays are seen by all that are present. It becomes observational fact, not a poorly created image, formed to present a false, fatal shadow of what was or could have been. Is your Christmas without Christ? Are you one of the many that feels that it is easier to accept falsity rather than to work or reason to acquire truth? If you are, Christ is not in your Christmas.
What do you have without Christ in your Christmas? …MAS,
(Mental Attitude Sins.) The lessons that are to follow will explore these sins that devastate man and the details in his life.

There are ten of these sins listed from God’s word, which is the Mind of Christ. They are as follows:

1. Envy,
2. Jealousy,
3. Arrogance,
4. Bitterness,
5. Vindictiveness,
6. Implacability,
7. Hatred,
8. Anger,
9. Guilt reaction,
10. Self-pity.

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