“Christmas Without Christ” Lesson Five and Six by Ben “Bear” Reeves

Lesson Five

We have attempted to analyze overt behavior as illustrated by the reversionistic believer. As a reminder, a reversionist is a believer imitating an unbeliever. One of whom returns to his or her old ways prior to receivership of Jesus Christ.

This morbid overt behavior is compared to a dog and to vomit. This tortured soul returns to vomit as a dog and licks it up, (2 Pet.2:22). Vomit is the vile waste within the system that must become expelled from the body. Once expelled it is again consumed. What is of greater shame than to see a Christian (Improper), wallow in his or her own vomit.
To turn back is to wallow in one’s own vomit, as Moab had done unto himself,(Jer.48:26).This is a reversionist in action. Each mental attitude sin creates more of this vomit (sins), After becoming vindictive and implacable this loser believer begins to hate that which hinders his or her rise to self-importance.
Hate is only the coveted position, statute or recognition realized at this point. He or she hates the Christian (proper), for possessing that which the reversionist seeks through his or her overt, satanic activity in Satan’s Cosmic System. It is the utter immature pretense of deliberate falsification.
Under the emotion of hate, he or she has become satisfied with their own brand of wisdom. These destroy God’s plan in it’s true form, and become determined to use within their own design. Unchecked, these will become inadequate and face the sin unto death by Satan’s psychological mutilation.
These hate the victims to the extent of the harm or loss created by their own demented imagination. The hate that is manifested is not towards the individual , rather it is hate towards seeing in the Christian proper, those virtues or qualities that is lacking in their own lifestyle. This leads back to jealousy.
As with the other MAS, it feeds and grows on accompanying sins. Hate is manifested anger centered on the self. Hate and anger are birthed from the inadequacy inherited from the rebellious sin nature generated from reversionism.
Due to negative volition and the persistent arrogance, God will deliver this loser, reversionist into the mind set of lusts, and passions of dishonor, (Rom. 1:24,26). As hate continues as motive to attack, the loser’s , character and quality of life will deteriorate. In this state of self-destruction, the hatred now becomes, Anger.
Angry at self for the position of weakness, at the fellow believer (proper), and at God for allowing self to implode into rebellion and for becoming a victim. The reversionist under this self-centered thinking will place the blame for failure on others for the MAS, and inadequacies in his or her miserable life. As scar tissue adheres to the soul, and blackout ensues, a guilt reaction places this loser believer into, self -pity.
These two sins are the topic of lesson six, next Sunday. Two weeks from this lesson we will present,” Christmas With Christ.” The ways and means leading to freedom from the, “Mental Attitude Sins.” If you have followed us this far, thank you. We pray and believe that the Holy Spirit will continue to instruct you in your quest for knowledge.
May God bless you and yours as you travel God’s highway of truth, as cold and hard as it is.


Lesson Six

I do not regard with much astonishment the pretensions held by reversionists. They will substitute their fabricated idols or beliefs for God’s word and application. They limit their intake of knowledge to a simple expression which is suggestive of self-appeasement.

Indeed, it is an artificial system of worship. Rather than free spirits under the mentorship of the Holy Spirit, they become self-evident contradictions that are observable in the pious fraud as seen in the behavior that shadows these pretenders.
All humans have a portion of reason. However, mix this reason with human viewpoint and it quickly becomes irrational. They become names without beings and beings without names. All becomes flicking shadows and uncertain images.
Images of time vanished into the shadows of yesterday. Discouraged and despondent , guilt and self-pity gird your spirit with austere sorrow. Your attitude now has a new enemy. Self! The torture that this conscience of yours now issues in your character is of greater misery than others could have thrust onto you or the details in your life.
Again, it is the viciousness and arrogance in your soul, (Job. 10:1; Acts 8:23; Heb.12:15). Guilt dictates that you are responsible to the people that you have harmed or maligned. You should become thoughtful or loving towards them, (Matt. 5:41), but the pride you wear prevents you from positive action.
Failing to resolve this lack of responsibility, you begin to feel sorry for the misery that you have heaped onto yourself. Self-pity will dig a grave, thereby burying you . As you delve deeper into this grave of self-pity, the more self-induced misery scars your soul, (Ps. 7:15). Discipline ensues as these mental attitude sins continue unchecked. You will create your own punishment, (Pro.22:8; Hos. 8:7; Gal.6:7-8; Col. 3:25).
The choices made or decisions deployed by you under these sins, determines your life style. God will punish you. However, it is not for the sins. Christ paid for those on the cross. It is for failure to apply God’s word towards these torments from Satan’s cosmic system of evil. Punishment is a great motivator, (Rev.3:19).
Next week we will begin, ”Christmas With Christ). The positive side of occupation with Christ, not only at Christmas but throughout the year. Motive, Application and Sanctification shall become the lessons presented. Thank you for your time and dedication to God and His word. As the last lessons have witness to, there is more of God waiting to be taught.
We shall learn and grow together pressing towards the greater grace of, James 4. In the weeks to follow, a more in-depth study of , “The Mental Attitude Sins,” will become available. The first of January, 2012, “Legalism in Christians,” will become our focus. This is the disgrace of all true believers.
In that those that operate under legalism, (improper Christians,) believe themselves to be more perfect than those that are Christians proper. It is the disordered fantasies and arrogance within their souls, that masks their real façade. Trying to be someone they are not, while imitating someone that they are to lazy to become.
To be a legalist is to admit your own failure while being jealous of the person occupied with Christ.
Until then, study, study, study!
This is senior pastor/teacher Ben Reeves making intercession for you daily unto our Lord.
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