“Christmas Without Christ” Lesson Four by Ben “Bear” Reeves

As you can see, each of the ten MAS, (mental attitude sins), promote each other. Indeed, it does form a chain of misery and loss. The purpose of this life is not happiness, but the knowledge of God takes supremacy over the details of life.

Because God does exist, His existence does not imply that man’s purpose is happiness apart from His system of protocol. Happiness is, “Eudiamonia.” It is not satisfaction derived from pleasure, but rather it is an aspect of well-being, of excellence and skill of life. These three must have a mentor to teach and operate under God’s plan for man. The mentor is the, Holy Spirit.

“But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.“ John 14:26.

It is here in this statement that Christ identifies the MENTOR for the Christian proper. You must become occupied with Christ to receive the mentorship of the Holy spirit. Otherwise, Mas is occupied with you. Evil becomes your shadow.

Life allows or presents many evils which from the revernsionist’s viewpoint, (human -viewpoint), is not of his or her undertaking, but rather it is the conduct of the opposing winner believer. Self-induced misery and suffering accrues from this mind-set. God’s SOP (standard operating procedure), is interrupted allowing more dysfunction to enlarge. Arrogant pride displaces the weakness within this reversionist, allowing bitterness to germinate into, Vindictiveness and Implacability. These two dysfunctions are a reaction towards winner believers because they by your judgment have neutralized or have failed to complete your unrealistic, hallucinatory expectations. You are in an emotional revolt. First, you were envious of the Christian proper. Then jealousy cast it’s lot producing arrogance. The more you rebelled the deeper bitterness dug into your tormented soul and mind. This frustration drives to you action from your position of weakness.

Now, in your own weakness, you attack the victim from the platform of, vindictiveness. That is, aggression. You have chosen to hurt or degrade the source of your inordinate desire. You make war on the winner believer in an attempt to show that he or she is not worthy of the position held or the recognition received, thus making self appear more pious, more worthy or more acceptable unto God. Becoming vindictive defiles your existence. The word used for defiled, is “Miaino.” In the cities of biblical periods sewage was collected in pots. Disposal was simple. It was dumped from upper windows onto the street below. A person or persons passing at the time, was drenched. This victim or victims were pronounced, “Miaino,” defiled.

This is the nature of the failed Christian seeking revenge on those that are occupied with Christ. The utter ignorance of these deliberate falsifications ensures that ignorance is their Lord of devotion. Under this overt, rebellious behavior learning is denounced and becomes an affront to truth. Nothing is pleasing to this failed believer. Now, Implacability takes charge. Complain, complain, complain. Nothing is accepted to placate this drive to become number one. He or she serving Satan’s cosmic system of evil, as a reversionist, exists in flickering shadows and stagnant images. They will tear down every vestige of promise and erect nothing, contaminating, corrupting righteousness and degrading the intellect.

Unable to acquire that which is pursued, hatred and anger join the war within the tortured mind of the reversionist. Under these powerful emotions unabated hardness of the heart will execute discipline from the Lord. Next week, lesson five will define, expose and disclose the function of hatred and anger. The discipline from God is expounded.

Until next week, Study to gain all from God and His word which is Christ Jesus..

This is senior pastor/teacher Ben Reeves making intercession for you daily unto our Lord.

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