“Christmas Without Christ” Lesson Three by Ben “Bear” Reeves

Arrogance is the primary motivator for the dysfunctional, and the operational platform of the Mental Attitude Sins. The first sin on earth was, Arrogance. Satan’s desire to raise his throne above the stars of God, (Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.28:14-17), placed man in harm’s way.

This Mental Attitude Sin, Arrogance, a stimulus in the fragmented soul leads to, Antinomianism. That is, the unrestrained rebellion in which the lust for self-gratification takes priority over service or devotion unto God and His word (the Mind of Christ).

The reversionistic believer makes great strides to improve self and position in life, regardless of the fellow believers(Proper), that must be eliminated or hurt. Under arrogance , it becomes a no holds barred encounter to accomplish the coveted goal. In other words, a lover of self rather than God, (2 Tim.3:4).

Arrogance can never stand as an isolated sin. Normal contingency exposes itself through another corresponding sin, as all mental attitude sins emanates within clusters. This cluster is either mental, verbal or overt. Stress is the stimulus in which arrogance will raise it’s threatening endeavor to undermine or belittle the inferred opposition. Cowardice and fear are only two dysfunctions associated with arrogance.

These two injurious, combative performances are the most prevalent dysfunctions resident in the soul of the, Reversionistic, loser believer.

Without Christ in the Christmas of the reverted believer, the stress of Christmas and related activities, will multiply the mental sins resident in his or her soul. As protection for the self-image fabricated by the tortured mind of this type Christian (improper), he or she will retaliate against anyone that effects a threat to the image portrayed.

Slander, gossip, judging, maligning, and often vengeance, are deployed. “Men will love themselves, love money, become boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient, ungrateful and unholy, (2 Tim. 3:2).

It is these emotional disturbances that becomes the main determinate in the psychopathology associated with the rebellious improper Christian. His or her heart is lifted up. His or her mind is hardened in pride,(Dan.5:20). This becomes a pattern of self-perception wherein, the individual reacts to others.

It is not reality-based. Rather, it is, ”fantastic personifications.” It is the unrealistic perception as seen through the eyes of the dysfunctional loser believer. He or she becomes fearful, believing that his or her identity is negated by those Christians (proper), that out shines them. They become devoid of honor and integrity. In this manner of life. Cowardice is part of the norm.

These are cowards for remaining in dysfunction. In that, it requires a strength to stand in order to gain the victory at the end of the race. To remain lazy, not run the race, but ride the honor of others is the cowards pattern. These feel safer to tear down rather that exert energy to build up. His or her deranged reaction towards winner believers masks the search for happiness, that eludes this inadequate non-entity.

The pride, fear, and cowardice brings, shame, not only on self, but on those close at hand,(Pro.11:2). The Lord will break his or her power,(“Lev. 26:19). He will become low and alone,(Pro.29:23). Destruction shall be his or her fate,(Pro.16:18). This creates a need not filled. Envy again enters, bringing with it, bitterness.

Everything desired is impeded by this selfish behavior. No happiness is found, rather a complaining, miserable, angry, being of discontent is now loose in society. As a stalking animal, seeking it’s next prey. Now comes, Vindictiveness and Implacability. These two dysfunctions are the subject of lesson four, appearing next week.

May God provide you and yours wisdom, knowledge and the capacity to apply these to the details of your life.

Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben Reeves praying daily for your growth and victory. God bless you for your time and application of our teachings. “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

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