“Christmas Without Christ” Lesson Two by Ben “Bear” Reeves

In lesson one we presented a typical mind set of the Christian (improper), that has chosen to remain in error. The error is the person’s responsibility, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) God gave you the freedom to think and the freedom of choice. It is the mental attitude that will and does form or influence your behavior and actions. Human viewpoint is the error. It is a satanic system of thinking. This form is in direct opposition unto God, divine viewpoint, and the values proper to God. This negation of divine viewpoint is the motivation for the Mental Attitude Sins.

The first of these sins is envy, followed by jealousy. These two dysfunctions feed one upon the other. These sins and the eight to follow are corrupted emotion. With-in these two reside patterns of overt behavior promoting lust. The lust for power, influence, status, social standing, materialism, and pleasure becomes the frantic search for happiness. The void in the soul seeks restitution for the loss of true happiness. Without Christ, you become a victim to envy and jealousy. Hedonism takes precedence over, Occupation with Christ. Hedonism is the devotion to pleasure regardless of the pain or loss unto others to acquire the pleasure or satisfaction desired. Pleasure is the overwhelming ambition for the loser believer.

Envy then becomes a norm for the Christian (improper.) Always desirous of other’s material possessions, position or identity. As with all sin against God, this believer fragments. He or she has become the reversionistic, loser believer. As the MAS, and lust patterns become resident in the soul, emotional revolt becomes motivation. Envy now has a cohort, Jealousy. Not only are you coveting the winner believer’s possessions, now you become jealous of any success, or prosperity that he or she may gain. You are in the stage of inordinate completion. Always competing to gain that which does not belong to you. It is easier to steal, malign, or discredit than to stand up and occupy one’s self with Christ. To become occupied with Christ requires you to expose yourself for whom you are. An antagonist towards God and His SOP (standard operating procedure). You are seeking to become an identity that you are not.

Christmas is to a time to honor Christ, however as a failed, reversionistic Christian, you would rather honor self and personal gain, (1Tim 6:9). To seek riches, position or status apart from God, temptation will snare you through many, many meaningless and adverse desires, that destroys and plunges you into the sin unto death.

Jeremiah 9:5 – 9:9; Tells us that as we cheat or deceive our neighbor, speak lies against them, strength fails. That living under this behavior, God is no longer acknowledged. Under this influence of evil, God stated in verse 9, “Shall I not punish them for these things? Shall I not avenge Myself?”

He will avenge Himself. Your soul will undergo a blackout. Scar tissue will form on your soul and you will implode into a shell of your former self. You’re in-itself is consumed by the new, evil influenced self you by your open rebellion created. Now, Arrogance is your new alley.

Next week, Arrogance and its partner in evil, bitterness, will become the subject of lesson three.

Praying God’s best for you and yours.

May God bless your journey into the truth. Until next week,

this is Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben “Bear” Reeves

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