“Christmas Without Christ”

Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben Reeves

Lesson One 

The passage of Christmas is only for a short span of time. Most, believers and non-believers, glimpse this holiday as time for gifts, abundance of food and debt. A time to play with the spirits to excess. Often, this time of the year leads to, dyscontrol. It will enforce emotional abuse, creating a depressive disorder. Thought derailment can and does produce, an empty shadow within their own imagination. Truth is recognized, accepted and applied, but to the few. Those not accepting the truth, remain unwilling to remove the tattered veil or deception that blinds their eyes or encloses the heart. Unfortunately, the mind of mankind will become a prisoner to error, before it will acquire the courage to approach the truth. The cause of this is not hidden in some obscure form, unperceptable to others. Those that chose to remain in error, have miserably tame performances that will become pale and overshadowed. It becomes an open display resulting from internal causes. These outward displays are seen by all that are present. It becomes observational fact, not a poorly created image, formed to present a false, fatal shadow of what was or could have been. Is your Christmas without Christ? Are you one of the many that feels that it is easier to accept falsity rather than to work or reason to acquire truth? If you are, Christ is not in your Christmas. What do you have without Christ in your Christmas? …MAS, (Mental Attitude Sins.) The lessons that are to follow will explore these sins that devastate man and the details in his life. There are ten of these sins listed from God’s word, which is the Mind of Christ. They are as follows: 1. Envy, 2. Jealousy, 3. Arrogance, 4. Bitterness, 5. Vindictiveness, 6. Implacability, 7. Hatred, 8. Anger, 9. Guilt reaction, 10. Self-pity. Next week, beginning with lesson two, each of these sins shall be presented in an in-depth study, as to definition, it’s application and the resulting impact that is seen by others, whether Christian proper or improper. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of CHRIST. To leave the birthday guest out of His celebration is an empty actuality. The lessons are constitutive of your perception as you begin to study, metabolize, and apply the truths therein. The last three lessons will explain what you can have with Christ in your Christmas and your life. May God’s Holy Spirit become your mentor as he has mentored me these many fruitful years. Daily, we at Thefishersnet, pray for your growth, for your freedom and the quest of the, Super Grace Life.


Lesson Two

In lesson one we presented a typical mind set of the Christian (improper), that has chosen to remain in error. The error is the person’s responsibility, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) God gave you the freedom to think and the freedom of choice. It is the mental attitude that will and does form or influence your behavior and actions. Human viewpoint is the error. It is a satanic system of thinking. This form is in direct opposition unto God, divine viewpoint, and the values proper to God. This negation of divine viewpoint is the motivation for the Mental Attitude Sins. The first of these sins is envy, followed by jealousy. These two dysfunctions feed one upon the other. These sins and the eight to follow are corrupted emotion. With-in these two reside patterns of overt behavior promoting lust. The lust for power, influence, status, social standing, materialism, and pleasure becomes the frantic search for happiness. The void in the soul seeks restitution for the loss of true happiness. Without Christ, you become a victim to envy and jealousy. Hedonism takes precedence over, Occupation with Christ. Hedonism is the devotion to pleasure regardless of the pain or loss unto others to acquire the pleasure or satisfaction desired. Pleasure is the overwhelming ambition for the loser believer. Envy then becomes a norm for the Christian (improper.) Always desirous of other’s material possessions, position or identity. As with all sin against God, this believer fragments. He or she has become the reversionistic, loser believer. As the MAS, and lust patterns become resident in the soul, emotional revolt becomes motivation . Envy now has a cohort, Jealousy. Not only are you coveting the winner believer’s possessions, now you become jealous of any success, or prosperity that he or she may gain. You are in the stage of inordinate completion. Always competing to gain that which does not belong to you. It is easier to steal, malign, or discredit than to stand up and occupy one’s self with Christ. To become occupied with Christ requires you to expose yourself for whom you are. An antagonist towards God and His SOP (standard operating procedure). You are seeking to become an identity that you are not. Christmas is to a time to honor Christ, however as a failed, reversionistic Christian, you would rather honor self and personal gain, (1Tim 6:9). To seek riches, position or status apart from God, temptation will snare you through many, many meaningless and adverse desires, that destroys and plunges you into the sin unto death. Jeremiah 9:5 – 9:9; Tells us that as we cheat or deceive our neighbor, speak lies against them, strength fails. That living under this behavior, God is no longer acknowledged. Under this influence of evil, God stated in verse 9, “Shall I not punish them for these things? Shall I not avenge Myself?” He will avenge Himself. Your soul will undergo a blackout. Scar tissue will form on your soul and you will implode into a shell of your former self. Your in-itself is consumed by the new, evil influenced self you by your open rebellion created. Now, Arrogance is your new alley. Next week, Arrogance and it’s partner in evil, bitterness, will become the subject of lesson three. May God bless your journey into the truth. Until next week, this is Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben Reeves Praying God’s best for you and yours.


Lesson Three


Arrogance is the primary motivator for the dysfunctional, and the operational platform of the Mental Attitude Sins. The first sin on earth was, Arrogance. Satan’s desire to raise his throne above the stars of God, (Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.28:14-17), placed man in harm’s way. This Mental Attitude Sin, Arrogance, a stimulus in the fragmented soul leads to, Antinomianism. That is, the unrestrained rebellion in which the lust for self-gratification takes priority over service or devotion unto God and His word (the Mind of Christ). The reversionistic believer makes great strides to improve self and position in life, regardless of the fellow believers(Proper), that must be eliminated or hurt. Under arrogance , it becomes a no holds barred encounter to accomplish the coveted goal. In other words, a lover of self rather than God, (2 Tim.3:4). Arrogance can never stand as an isolated sin. Normal contingency exposes itself through another corresponding sin, as all mental attitude sins emanates within clusters. This cluster is either mental, verbal or overt. Stress is the stimulus in which arrogance will raise it’s threatening endeavor to undermine or belittle the inferred opposition. Cowardice and fear are only two dysfunctions associated with arrogance. These two injurious, combative performances are the most prevalent dysfunctions resident in the soul of the, Reversionistic, loser believer. Without Christ in the Christmas of the reverted believer, the stress of Christmas and related activities, will multiply the mental sins resident in his or her soul. As protection for the self-image fabricated by the tortured mind of this type Christian (improper),he or she will retaliate against anyone that effects a threat to the image portrayed. Slander, gossip, judging, maligning, and often vengeance, are deployed. “Men will love themselves, love money, become boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient, ungrateful and unholy, (2 Tim. 3:2). It is these emotional disturbances that becomes the main determinate in the psychopathology associated with the rebellious improper Christian. His or her heart is lifted up. His or her mind is hardened in pride,(Dan.5:20). This becomes a pattern of self-perception wherein, the individual reacts to others. It is not reality-based. Rather, it is, ”fantastic personifications.” It is the unrealistic perception as seen through the eyes of the dysfunctional loser believer. He or she becomes fearful, believing that his or her identity is negated by those Christians (proper), that out shines them. They become devoid of honor and integrity. In this manner of life. Cowardice is part of the norm. These are cowards for remaining in dysfunction. In that, it requires a strength to stand in order to gain the victory at the end of the race. To remain lazy, not run the race, but ride the honor of others is the cowards pattern. These feel safer to tear down rather that exert energy to build up. His or her deranged reaction towards winner believers masks the search for happiness, that eludes this inadequate non-entity. The pride, fear, and cowardice brings, shame, not only on self, but on those close at hand,(Pro.11:2). The Lord will break his or her power,(“Lev. 26:19). He will become low and alone,(Pro.29:23). Destruction shall be his or her fate,(Pro.16:18). This creates a need not filled. Envy again enters, bringing with it, bitterness. Everything desired is impeded by this selfish behavior. No happiness is found, rather a complaining, miserable, angry, being of discontent is now loose in society. As a stalking animal, seeking it’s next prey. Now comes, Vindictiveness and Implacability. These two dysfunctions are the subject of lesson four, appearing next week. May God provide you and yours wisdom, knowledge and the capacity to apply these to the details of your life. Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben Reeves praying daily for your growth and victory. God bless you for your time and application of our teachings. “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”


Lesson Four


As you can see, each of the ten MAS, (mental attitude sins), promote each other. Indeed, it does form a chain of misery and loss. The purpose of this life is not happiness, but the knowledge of God takes supremacy over the details of life. Because God does exist, His existence does not imply that man’s purpose is happiness apart from His system of protocol. Happiness is, “Eudiamonia.” It is not satisfaction derived from pleasure, but rather it is an aspect of well-being, of excellence and skill of life. These three must have a mentor to teach and operate under God’s plan for man. The mentor is the, Holy Spirit. “But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you,“ John 14:26. It is here in this statement that Christ identifies the MENTOR for the Christian proper. You must become occupied with Christ to receive the mentorship of the Holy spirit. Otherwise, Mas is occupied with you. Evil becomes your shadow. Life allows or presents many evils which from the revernsionist’s viewpoint, (human -viewpoint), is not of his or her undertaking, but rather it is the conduct of the opposing winner believer. Self-induced misery and suffering accrues from this mind-set. God’s SOP (standard operating procedure), is interrupted allowing more dysfunction to enlarge. Arrogant pride displaces the weakness within this reversionist, allowing bitterness to germinate into, Vindictiveness and Implacability. These two dysfunctions are a reaction towards winner believers because they by your judgment have neutralized or have failed to complete your unrealistic, hallucinatory expectations. You are in an emotional revolt. First, you were envious of the Christian proper. Then jealousy cast it’s lot producing arrogance. The more you rebelled the deeper bitterness dug into your tormented soul and mind. This frustration drives to you action from your position of weakness. Now, in your own weakness, you attack the victim from the platform of, vindictiveness. That is, aggression. You have chosen to hurt or degrade the source of your inordinate desire. You make war on the winner believer in an attempt to show that he or she is not worthy of the position held or the recognition received, thus making self appear more pious, more worthy or more acceptable unto God. Becoming vindictive defiles your existence. The word used for defiled, is “Miaino.” In the cities of biblical periods sewage was collected in pots. Disposal was simple. It was dumped from upper windows onto the street below. A person or persons passing at the time, was drenched. This victim or victims were pronounced , “Miaino,” defiled. This is the nature of the failed Christian seeking revenge on those that are occupied with Christ. The utter ignorance of these deliberate falsifications ensures that ignorance is their Lord of devotion. Under this overt, rebellious behavior learning is denounced and becomes an affront to truth. Nothing is pleasing to this failed believer. Now, Implacability takes charge. Complain, complain, complain. Nothing is accepted to placate this drive to become number one. He or she serving Satan’s cosmic system of evil, as a reversionist, exists in flickering shadows and stagnant images. They will tear down every vestige of promise and erect nothing, contaminating ,corrupting righteousness and degrading the intellect. Unable to acquire that which is pursued, hatred and anger join the war within the tortured mind of the reversionist. Under these powerful emotions unabated hardness of the heart will execute discipline from the Lord. Next week, lesson five will define, expose and disclose the function of hatred and anger. The discipline from God is expounded. Until next week, Study to gain all from God and His word which is Christ Jesus.. This is senior pastor/teacher Ben Reeves making intercession for you daily unto our Lord.


Lesson Five


We have attempted to analyze overt behavior as illustrated by the reversionistic believer. As a reminder, a reversionist is a believer imitating an unbeliever. One of whom returns to his or her old ways prior to receivership of Jesus Christ. This morbid overt behavior is compared to a dog and to vomit. This tortured soul returns to vomit as a dog and licks it up, (2 Pet.2:22). Vomit is the vile waste within the system that must become expelled from the body. Once expelled it is again consumed. What is of greater shame than to see a Christian (Improper), wallow in his or her own vomit. To turn back is to wallow in one’s own vomit, as Moab had done unto himself,(Jer.48:26).This is a reversionist in action. Each mental attitude sin creates more of this vomit (sins), After becoming vindictive and implacable this loser believer begins to hate that which hinders his or her rise to self-importance. Hate is only the coveted position, statute or recognition realized at this point. He or she hates the Christian (proper), for possessing that which the reversionist seeks through his or her overt, satanic activity in Satan’s Cosmic System. It is the utter immature pretense of deliberate falsification. Under the emotion of hate, he or she has become satisfied with their own brand of wisdom. These destroy God’s plan in it’s true form, and become determined to use within their own design. Unchecked, these will become inadequate and face the sin unto death by Satan’s psychological mutilation. These hate the victims to the extent of the harm or loss created by their own demented imagination. The hate that is manifested is not towards the individual , rather it is hate towards seeing in the Christian proper, those virtues or qualities that is lacking in their own lifestyle. This leads back to jealousy . As with the other MAS, it feeds and grows on accompanying sins. Hate is manifested anger centered on the self. Hate and anger are birthed from the inadequacy inherited from the rebellious sin nature generated from reversionism. Due to negative volition and the persistent arrogance, God will deliver this loser, reversionist into the mind set of lusts, and passions of dishonor, (Rom. 1:24,26). As hate continues as motive to attack, the loser’s , character and quality of life will deteriorate. In this state of self-destruction, the hatred now becomes, Anger. Angry at self for the position of weakness, at the fellow believer (proper), and at God for allowing self to implode into rebellion and for becoming a victim. The reversionist under this self-centered thinking will place the blame for failure on others for the MAS, and inadequacies in his or her miserable life. As scar tissue adheres to the soul, and blackout ensues, a guilt reaction places this loser believer into, self -pity. These two sins are the topic of lesson six, next Sunday. Two weeks from this lesson we will present,” Christmas With Christ.” The ways and means leading to freedom from the, “Mental Attitude Sins.” If you have followed us this far, thank you. We pray and believe that the Holy Spirit will continue to instruct you in your quest for knowledge. May God bless you and yours as you travel God’s highway of truth, as cold and hard as it is.


Lesson Six


I do not regard with much astonishment the pretensions held by reversionists. They will substitute their fabricated idols or beliefs for God’s word and application. They limit their intake of knowledge to a simple expression which is suggestive of self-appeasement. Indeed, it is an artificial system of worship. Rather than free spirits under the mentorship of the Holy Spirit, they become self-evident contradictions that are observable in the pious fraud as seen in the behavior that shadows these pretenders. All humans have a portion of reason. However, mix this reason with human viewpoint and it quickly becomes irrational. They become names without beings and beings without names. All becomes flicking shadows and uncertain images. Images of time vanished into the shadows of yesterday. Discouraged and despondent , guilt and self-pity gird your spirit with austere sorrow. Your attitude now has a new enemy. Self! The torture that this conscience of yours now issues in your character is of greater misery than others could have thrust onto you or the details in your life. Again, it is the viciousness and arrogance in your soul, (Job. 10:1; Acts 8:23; Heb.12:15). Guilt dictates that you are responsible to the people that you have harmed or maligned. You should become thoughtful or loving towards them, (Matt. 5:41`), but the pride you wear prevents you from positive action. Failing to resolve this lack of responsibility, you begin to feel sorry for the misery that you have heaped onto yourself. Self-pity will dig a grave, thereby burying you . As you delve deeper into this grave of self-pity, the more self-induced misery scars your soul, (Ps. 7:15). Discipline ensues as these mental attitude sins continue unchecked. You will create your own punishment, (Pro.22:8; Hos. 8:7; Gal.6:7-8; Col. 3:25). The choices made or decisions deployed by you under these sins, determines your life style. God will punish you. However, it is not for the sins. Christ paid for those on the cross. It is for failure to apply God’s word towards these torments from Satan’s cosmic system of evil. Punishment is a great motivator, (Rev.3:19). Next week we will begin, ”Christmas With Christ). The positive side of occupation with Christ, not only at Christmas but throughout the year. Motive, Application and Sanctification shall become the lessons presented. Thank you for your time and dedication to God and His word. As the last lessons have witness to, there is more of God waiting to be taught. We shall learn and grow together pressing towards the greater grace of, James 4. In the weeks to follow, a more in-depth study of , “The Mental Attitude Sins,” will become available. The first of January, 2012, “Legalism in Christians,” will become our focus. This is the disgrace of all true believers. In that those that operate under legalism, (improper Christians,) believe themselves to be more perfect than those that are Christians proper. It is the disordered fantasies and arrogance within their souls, that masks their real façade. Trying to be someone they are not, while imitating someone that they are to lazy to become. To be a legalist is to admit your own failure while being jealous of the person occupied with Christ. Until then, study, study, study!


Lesson Seven


Life will create a conscience and rationality that is attached to it’s own existence. This is dependent on material, knowledge or facts gathered from verbal indoctrination or written curriculum. “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth,” (2 Tim. 2:15). Christ in your ChristMAS, has many rewards, in that you are occupied with Christ, rather than the details of life promoting the MAS. Being occupied with Christ at Christmas ,and throughout the year you have: M- Motivation; A- Application: S- Sanctification. These three comprise a lifestyle of occupation with Christ. You will acquire the Mind of Christ through His word, the capacity to apply His knowledge, and become sanctified through the grace of God. Understand that the choice to apply these three provisions from God, is a free-will decision foundational in positive volition, as remaining under, ”the Mental Attitude Sins,” is free choice by you and you alone. You reside in a tangible world. Therefore, observation and reaction to observation must become reality based. A stimulus (motivation,) transpires forming action as a response. Emotions which is mobilized energy, can become a useful tool or a menacing distraction. It is within your power to decide which manner of action is chosen. You can act upon the Mental Attitude Sins or you can allow the Word of God to become the motivator in the details of your life. James 4:7, states that submitting to God and resisting Satan will force satan to flee from you. Talk about motivation! How could it become more clear? When you feel the greatest pressure, the Lord is at hand, (Phil.4:5). Do not hold yourself up to be more than you are. Remain sane, (divine viewpoint). Become rational without self-imposed illusion, because God has one standard of thinking. Faith will increase from daily intake of doctrine,(Word of God), Rom.12:3). Your attitude towards study is your attitude towards God. Neglect doctrine and you neglect God. If you have chosen to glorify the Lord, then it is your time of sharing God’s happiness. Simply learn of God and become occupied with the, “Mind of Christ,” which is the Word of God. Motivation then, is, the perception (study), of doctrine. As you daily study, metabolize and apply doctrine (God’s Word), your respect for God and His precepts will increase. This motivation creates it’s own momentum (Phil. 2:13).As you allow yourself to follow God’s system, it will lead to maturity. To glorify Christ, you must become occupied with Him. To become occupied with Christ, you must routinely study the word. You then establish and maintain your own integrity. As this increases, you will become self-motivated, operating from a position of strength moving towards a life of greater grace, (James 4:6). As you form and operate in a habit of daily study, you can and will apply your knowledge to the varied details in your life. Application of this knowledge is the subject of lesson eight, next week. Thank you for the time you spend with us. Daily we ask our Lord to give you more of Himself. Until next week, may God allow you to share His happiness.


Lesson Eight


Momentum in the life of a Christian (proper), is empowered from the Holy Spirit by the knowledge acquired from the daily intake of God’s Word. It becomes an active realization by the way and means of application, which leads to maturity. This is the primary goal of the Christian (proper).It is the intake and application of doctrine (God’s Word,) that empowers you as a Christian to acquire a capacity for life, for personal love, impersonal love, and a true foundation for happiness. The Holy Spirit is the power source that teaches the Christian. He will become your mentor, your teacher,(John 14:26).He indwells believers(John 14:17), and can fill believers(Eph. 5:18). Under proper study, metabolization, and Application , an inexhaustible source and supply of strength becomes resident in your soul. Are you happy in the situation that holds you in submission? Misery in there as well. Why? Your happiness is dependent on your attitude towards the apprehension and application of God’s Word (the Mind of Christ). This is a free-will choice. The use, whether good or bad, of your volition either will produce freedom and happiness or enslave you with-in the Mental Attitude Sins. God commands us to learn and apply doctrine (God’s Word,) as recorded by Paul in Eph. 4:11-13). God has supplied the believer with every preliminary procedure for learning His Word. Truth will build on truth. It is a persistent habit that will gradually accumulate doctrine in your soul. A line upon line and precept upon precept approach, (Isa. 28:10,the intake of doctrine and the application thereof, will give strength to volition. The angels will observe your positive volition which glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. Application of that which is taught unto you by the mentorship of the Holy Spirit is God’s Protocol Plan for mankind. As a Christian (proper,) you must make on a daily basis, doctrine (God’s Word,)your first priority. You must think to operate under application of that which you learn. Knowledge of God’s Word is fuel for thought. Your study, your perception of knowledge gained, and the application of God’s word is your personal destiny, your calling, your true self emerging as winner believer. As a winner believer you acquire position. You are royalty in the family of God. You are wealthy, (Phil. 4:19). You will have fame, ( ) The choice remains with you. Do you desire to be known as a winner believer or a loser believer? Motivation and application are you weapons in this battle to emerge as a winner. Where as a winner believer you are now under, Sanctification. Lesson nine will explain the three areas of sanctification. Next week we will explore this gift and blessing form God. May our Lord gird you with strength to become a winner believer, and achieve, Super Grace, (James 4).


Lesson Nine


Any routine, pliancy, or conceptualistic precept is preserved or increased by it’s corresponding action. If is action is permeated with emotionalism, it denies the validity of logic (thinking). The Word of God resident in your soul, will produce and enforce Christian integrity. Humility which is teachability endorses intellectualization and application of God’s word(the Mind of Christ). As a winner believer you must think. You are to think this (doctrine,)within yourself. It was also in Christ Jesus. Let the mind (the Word,) be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, Phil. 2:5-8. You will gain Christ by the daily intake, perception, metabolization and application of God’s Word (doctrine), Phil.3:8. As you receive the mind of Christ and apply this to the details in your life, maturity increases through God’s gift to you, which is Sanctification. There are three stages of this holy sanction from God. These three are: 1. Positional, 2. Experiential, 3. Ultimate. Sanctification is the work of God, to make each member of His royal family become like Jesus. Therefore, we as regenerated Christians are God’s workmanship, created to honor Him by the intake and communication of doctrine towards others that would become serious students. At the nano-second of salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit you have union with Christ which is Positional Salvation, “that I may be found in Him,” (Phil.3:9). Verse 10 of the same chapter expresses that as we execute God’s plan, and follow the Lord’s mandates through and under His provision, you will function in, Experiential Salvation. “ that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.” Ultimate Sanctification is receiving a resurrection body like the resurrection body of Jesus Christ as stated in verse 11 of Phil.3, “If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.” Pursue God and His Word as Paul stated in, Phil. 3:12. “I keep pursuing in order to overtake.” Your purpose is to overtake, to gain, to attain spiritual maturity. Confidence from the Holy Spirit as your mentor will lead you to succeed. You must become aggressive towards study. Nothing should become a distraction in the quest to learn and assimilate the knowledge achieved through dedicated study time. No longer can you allow arrogant illusions to dominate your thinking. Always remember whose purpose and goal you seek and whose power it is that enables you to attain the goal. The goal is the maximum glorification of God. As you continue to indoctrinate knowledge into your mind, you will become occupied with Christ. Your confidence builds and then you can apply that which you have been taught, to the details of your life, wherein is peace,(Heb. 13:20,21). His perfect righteousness is imputed to the believer. As a winner believer, you enter into a state of grace, favor, and are of God’s Royal Family. You become strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, (Eph. 6:10). With Christ in your Christmas, you live and have your being from Christ obtaining His mind(the Word of God,) pressing towards a life of more grace, (James 4). Without Christ in your Christmas, you become a loser believer, losing all that God has provided for His people. Not only at Christmas but for the rest of your life. Next week, lesson ten will complete this series of lessons. I hope that these have offered help and instilled knowledge for you and yours. As senior pastor I thank each of you for reading these lessons. Without you my teaching would become of no use. I do not write or teach for my own benefit. I write and teach unto you, for instruction and growth. Thank you and may God bless your journey through His Word.


Lesson 10


We have, over a ten week study presented the Mental Attitude Sins and have shown the devastating cancellation of provision as provided by God. We submitted the overt behaviors associated with these sins, We, under Motivation, Application and Sanctification have given witness to their many benefits. While Christmas was applied as background, this is for daily living. Remain under control of these deadly sins or abandon Satan’s Cosmic System Evil and form a union with Christ. Reconciliation unto God will remove any dissonance between you and God. If you as a believer have turned reversionistic, hope is available in God’s Word. 1 John 1:9 is this hope that leads to fellowship with Christ, your salvation. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Confession only, is needed to regain right standing with the Father. You become your own priest as a member of God’s royal family. You confess your sins unto God privately. You do not make confession to man. Right now in the privacy of your mind, confess your sin of rebellion to God. He will keep His promise and forgive you and cleanse you from all your sins, known and unknown. Now, thank Him for making you clean and acceptable to claim your position as a renewed, forgiven child of His. You are now back in fellowship with God, therefore the Holy Spirit becomes your mentor as you study, metabolize and apply God’s Word to the details of your life, and this daily without hesitation. Welcome home! If you are without Christ as your Lord and master, and you desire to become a member of God’s Royal Family, repeat the following confession and prayer. God, I know that I have not had a relationship with you. I want to. I know that Christ died on the cross for my sins and to allow me to have a relationship with you. Father, forgive me of my sins against You and replace this life of rebellion with a life of service to You. I thank you Father for the love and grace given me from You. I will turn my life over to Christ and ask that your Holy Spirit will become my mentor, the teacher of your Word. Now you study, study, study to gain more of Christ and more Grace, (James 4).

This concludes the Christmas series.

Thank you for your time.

In the weeks and months to follow, more teaching will become available. 

May God bless each and every one of you. Senior Pastor/Teacher Ben Reeves


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