My Journey (Church reform?) by Jared Reeves

This subject, for nearly fifteen years, has pulled at me. For the past few months it has become compelling to a point that I spend a lot of free thought time thinking about it. Church reform… Is it needed?

My goal for now is to simply lay out some topics for discussion. Every believer in Christ should keep a “spiritual” mirror with them and look at it often. I believe the church should do the same. Jesus and Paul both took some actions against the church when it was needed. The teachings of Jesus made the Pharisees and Sadducees extremely angry because it destroyed the old way in their eyes. The “eleventh” commandment given by Jesus was not a denial of the original ten commandments but a fulfillment of it.

Jesus, the lamb. My Savior on so many occasions set a person in the right direction when they were talking out or acting out. What He asked us in His commandment, if followed, would keep you and I from ever breaking one of the ten commandments given to Moses by God.

       Love others as I have loved you.

That’s heavy. Honestly, Jesus is asking a lot of you and I in that statement. He gave His life so that we may live. The torture and atrocities He suffered and yet… He said, “forgive them Father…” He never stopped loving us and still today He loves us. Can we? Could we? As a follower of Christ we MUST try.

Paul the apostle issued letters to different cities, groups of people and individuals while at times criticizing how the church was operating or stating how it should. When able, he would follow up with a visit. Paul was a formidable man with military training. He was a no nonsense person who helped build the New Testament with his letters and understanding of Jesus and the teachings of Jesus along with his vast knowledge of the Old Testament scrolls and writings. He is considered the first Christian philosopher due to his writings and use of logic. I would suspect that his visit, although welcome (or not) was a tense meeting regardless of how he was thought about.

I’m going to drop some questions here and start writing in detail next week (I obviously need to study) concerning these questions and other topics. I believe the greatest form of worship is studying the word of God.

If your church (any church) received “Epistle to the Ephesians” how would it be received?

What type of community outreach ministry does the church have?

Is anyone who attends the church or is a “member” of the church in need of food, clothing or shelter?

**Personal question** Would you wash the feet of the last person who sat in the row or seat in front of you in church?

I pray these questions resonate. Also, if you feel I’m accusing you or your church of not acting properly then… well… look inward. I do not feel compelled to point a finger. It only resonates when YOU see it for yourself. Plus, I’m literally nothing without God. I’m not an important person outside of taking care of my family. I feel compelled to ask the questions.

If it resonates…

God bless and I hope you have enough.



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