It is the lazy, complacent, lack of proper instruction that allows God’s people to become destroyed. That is; a negligent, idle, craven presentation of God’s word. Not to offend the big money givers, to keep their pots boiling on their stoves. To teach God’s way is not beneficial to the pulpits of today. Man’s way is, when the parrishers remembers the songs but cannot remember the sermon or lesson, it is man inspired. We teach, not to entertain. We offer teaching for those that seek all that God offers. God’s protocol is not a passive, one time, instant reading of the Bible. “Study to show thyself approve unto God, a WORKMAN that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” 2 Timothy 2:15.

A workman toils, struggles and sweats to accomplish the task. Do you struggle to learn of God or do you just get by as you would on your daily job? I have used, struggle to imply a continual endeavor to obtain the desired goal. We are here for those that are loyal, first to God, then to man, and seek more honor and knowledge for the details of life. If you are one, Welcome. If you are not, then your time with us will become short-lived, as this requires dedication and the tenacity to stay with this type teaching daily, leading to a life of maturity, knowledge, and Super Grace. We do not insinuate nor do we demand that you should use our site as a replacement in lieu of your own pastor. We attempt to enlarge on his teaching, not replace his presentation.

The Pastors

Left to right Tony "TL" Reeves, Ben "Bear" Reeves, Jared Reeves

This Site is dedicated to the Word of God which is the Mind of Christ.